Today, many industrial and urban sites are the subject of legacy contamination, which are increasingly the focus of Clean Up Notices from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Grange Environmental Services has the capability to assist with all aspects of addressing EPA notices to achieve compliance and to also help our clients increase the re-use value of their land.


With up to 90% of Australia deemed uninhabitable and 85% of what’s left classified as urban, there is enormous pressure on developing available land for commercial and residential projects. Strict regulations now exist at all levels of government and are designed to provide adequate protection for human health and the environment, particularly as Australia’s population is forecast to double again in the next 50 years.


Land scarcity, population growth and our understanding of environmental contaminants has dramatically changed our approach to managing light and heavy industrial landscapes. With nearly 16m people living in and around our capital cities, industrial land in metropolitan areas is being re-zoned as our suburbs expand. Meanwhile ageing heavy industrial facilities in regional and remote Australia are being decommissioned or modernised in response to global market forces.

21st Century treatments to shape the urban and industrial landscapes of tomorrow.