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The legacy of ageing asbestos and hazardous waste in our environment is a critical risk factor for any project involving the re-use or transfer of commercial, industrial and agricultural land. From in-situ management techniques to full and complete removal, highly specialist skills are required to effectively and efficiently satisfy project requirements.

Grange Environmental Services will call upon ‘Class A’ and ‘Unrestricted’ licensed asbestos removal services from Delta Group – recognised leaders in the safe management of asbestos and hazardous waste disposal.


We have extensive remediation and rehabilitation experience across a range of commercial projects, as well as qualified, trained personnel or licensed sub contractors to complete asbestos surveys, testing and analysis as well as to coordinate the removal, temporary storage and licensed transport to approved facilities.


Grange Environmental Services have the capacity to manage heavy industrial abatement projects, including asbestos removal works in mine sites, power stations, ships, pipe insulation, steel beam insulation, industrial boilers, siding, duct wrap, water heaters, roofing, sheet rock, and joint compound.

Hazardous Waste

From heavy metals and PAHs to petroleum hydrocarbons, TRHs and PCBs; arsenic and mercury to OCPs – we have the capability to identify and remove hazardous waste from industrial, commercial and agricultural landscapes. We also provide waste management reporting expertise, including emission control and management systems, materials tracking and a fleet of licensed waste transport vehicles.

21st Century treatments to shape the urban and industrial landscapes of tomorrow.