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Loy Yang Power Station Ash Pond Remediation

Project Description

AGL Loy Yang engaged Grange Environmental to design and deliver a 24 month remediation programme for its 100,000m2 Ash Pond.


Scope of works:

  • Subcontract engagement.
  • Delamination, drainage and conditioning of unstable ash areas, using specialised plant to achieve minimum bearing capacities across the 100,000m2 of ash pond surface.
  • Interpretation of geotechnical investigations and approvals to demonstrate minimum required stability of the ash surface, and corresponding dig methodology.
  • Load, cart and place clay capping material over the ash pond to construct a solid foundation for conventional plant operation.
  • Excavate, load and cart drained ash using modified low-ground pressure excavators.
  • Spread, place and compact ash in accordance with the design as dump placement model.
  • Load, cart and spread topsoil for revegetation works.
  • Coordinate post works survey to verify final volume removed.
  • Project
    Loy Yang Power Station Ash Pond Remediation
  • Client
  • Sector
    Industrial, Energy
  • Location
    Latrobe Valley

Project Delivery:

AGL Loy Yang generates approximately 30% of Victoria’s power requirements every year and is an integral part of Australia’s national electricity market. The Loy Yang mine supplies both Loy Yang A and Loy Yang B, fueling around 50% of the state’s energy requirements. Over the course of our 2-year program we removed over 1,000,000 m3 of ash (coal waste transported as a slurry) across two settlement ponds. This entailed up to 450 heavy vehicle movements and more than 6,000m3 of ash per day. Due to the very low strength and poor stability of the ash pond, AGL commissioned a purpose-built amphibious excavator fitted with buoyant pontoons, ultra-wide tracks and a long-reach boom. All works were executed under stringent geotechnical specifications for capping thicknesses, batter angles, plant offsets and excavation depths.

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